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Why pay the full price for a new iPhone when you can subscribe to it? Yes, Apple has been supposedly working on a subscription plan for iPhones. But it has been quite a time since we first heard of it. So, is the iPhone subscription service still coming? Well, it is, but it might not come anytime soon.
Last year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a hardware subscription plan, which would offer iPhone and other hardware on a monthly subscription model.
Back in 2022, Gurman wrote that the service is still in development. Well, it has been around a year, and there is no sign of such service. But that does not mean that Apple has given up on its plan for iPhones on subscription.
In the latest edition of his newsletter, Power On, Gurman notes that Apple’s push into the financial segment, including its iPhone subscription program, has hit engineering difficulties, which seems to have pushed back the plan to introduce the program last year with the launch of iPhone 14.
Gurman further notes that the subscription service was to launch in 2023, but there is no word on when it would come, adding, “it should arrive eventually.”
How will the iPhone subscription model work
Apple wants to make buying an iPhone as easy as subscribing to iCloud or Apple Music. Gurman says that all you will need is an Apple ID and App Store account, and you can subscribe to an iPhone, the same as you purchase an iCloud subscription.
You may ask, how is it different from the instalment program? Well, if you buy an iPhone in instalments, the price gets uniformly split across 12 or 24 months or whatever period you choose. But, in the subscription program, there will be monthly fees, which depend on the model you choose and may or may not be the same as the instalment you will need to pay to keep the iPhone.
The iPhone subscription program had been under development for several months, now years. Earlier, Gurman had said that Apple had put aside the plan to bring the “buy now pay later” service, which still seems to be the priority.
Apple recently started testing “buy now pay later,” otherwise known as Apple Pay Later, within a closed group of corporate and retail employees across the United States. Gurman notes if everything goes as planned, the service could debut in March.
With the plans to introduce costlier iPhones, it seems Apple could soon debut the subscription plan, so people can subscribe to these pricey iPhones instead of buying them.

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