Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

NEW DELHI: In an effort to transform higher education in India, the University Grants Commission (UGC) is going to launch a newly redesigned website and portals today, May 16, 2023.
The decision has been taken to support and facilitate higher educational institutions such as universities and colleges, enabling them to focus on imparting quality education to the younger generation. The decision aims to enhance the educational experience and ensure that students receive a high standard of education that prepares them for the future.
Speaking to ANI, M Jagadesh Kumar said, “UGC has redesigned the website to make it more user-friendly, informative, and dynamic. All information is categorized as per the type of stakeholders, such as students, faculty, and Universities. It helps to ease in getting information”.
Along with a redesigned website, UG will launch two new portals, ‘UTSAH’ and ‘Professor of Practice’. The Undertaking Transformative Strategies and Actions in Higher Education (UTSAH) portal will serve as a platform providing detailed information about UGC’s initiatives for qualitative reforms in higher education.
The Professors of Practice (PoP) portal is designed to facilitate institutions to get experienced professional experts in the required area.
“The Experts in any discipline can register with an email ID and mobile number. Then, they can log in and fill the profile with detailed information such as the domain of expertise, years of work experience, location, type of engagement, expectations, etc. Universities and institutions can register on this Portal. Upload the advertisement for the appointment of PoP with the required number of posts and domain,” reads the UGC statement.
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