Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Need more than 280 characters to express yourself? All you need to do is subscribe to Twitter Blue. The ‘microblogging’ platform is introducing long-form tweets, a part of Musk’s “much larger” interface overhaul. Now, Twitter users, only those subscribed to the Blue, can write 4000 characters in a tweet.
If you are paying for the Blue, you can keep writing until you hit the 4000 characters limit. Nonetheless, others will still be stuck with the 280-character limit, but they can read these longer 4000-character tweets.

There are some caveats besides the fact that you need to pay for it. So, users will not be able to draft or schedule tweets for later once they exceed the 280-character limit. And even if someone writes a 4000-character tweet, only the first 280 characters will appear on the timeline, followed by a “show more” button.
Everyone can retweet or quote tweets these long-form tweets. But, those subscribed to Blue can quote tweet in 4000 characters.
Twitter threads are here to stay
The long-form tweets are necessarily not the replacement for threads, as non-paying users will not be able to write 4000 characters, which leaves them 280 characters and no option but to break down their thoughts into multiple tweets.
So, Twitter is going to have both long-form tweets and threads. Until not everyone subscribes to Blue or Musk makes the 4000 characters limit free for everyone, there is little to no chance of the latter happening.
Twitter Blue costs Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,800 annually in India if you subscribe on the web. Otherwise, you will have to pay Rs 900 monthly on iOS and Android, which is a limited-time offer.
Besides the long-form tweets, Twitter Blue provides subscribers with a blue checkmark, the ability to edit or undo a tweet and post longer 1080P videos, among other perks.

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