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Smart clothing is getting some steam these days, slow but it’s happening. We’ve heard of the NFC-equipped shirts, health-monitoring shoes and Jacquard-equipped jackets from Levi. Now, it’s time for smart pants that can notify you when your zipper is open to save you from some embarrassment.
A Twitter user named Guy Dupont has posted a video of a pant that can send push notifications to users’ smartphones when their fly is open for a certain interval. He mentions that he made this because one of his friends asked him to make “Pants that detect when your fly is down for too long and send you a notification”.
These pants can save you from embarrassment
The video posted by Dupont shows that as soon as he opens his pants and waits until the sensor realises that the fly is down, he receives a notification on his phone letting him know that his zipper is open via a service called WiFly.
In a follow-up tweet, he also explained how the entire notification system works. According to the tweet, he glued some safety pins to a hall effect sensor and he super glued a powerful magnet to the zipper. There are wires involved in this process which connect to an ESP-32 in the pocket and are also responsible for pushing the notification when the hall effect sensor has been ‘on’ (open) for some seconds.
In another follow-up tweet, he also listed down all the things and equipment he has used to make this work.
Sounds cool! But, there’s a problem
Everything here sounds cool as this is a common occurrence. But, the entire setup comes with a lot of washing limitations. From the images posted by him, throwing these pants into the washing machine for a quick wash does not seem to be a good idea. Also, the sensor and ESP-32 remain connected to the phone all the time, so it may take a toll on the phone’s battery life.
Well, for now, this seems to be a project he created for his friends and he has mentioned that he is looking for investors. Don’t expect something like this to find in your nearby store right now. But maybe in future — no one knows.

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