Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Telegram has started rolling out a handful of new features and changes to its app. This includes the new real-time chat translation feature. Apart from that the app has also received features like Profile Picture maker, Emoji categories, Network usages, Auto-save media and more. Wondering how the feature works and how to use it? Let us explain:
What is the real-time translation feature in Telegram?
With the latest update, Telegram allows users to translate entire chats, groups and channels in real-time. The feature, once enabled, automatically translates the entire chat, groups or channels in the language of choice.
Who can access this feature
Telegram has announced that the real-time translation feature for chats, groups and channels will be available only for Premium users. This means users will have to buy a Premium subscription to Telegram
Steps to use real-time translation in Telegram
Make sure that you’ve subscribed to Telegram Premium. Once you are a Premium member, the real-time translation feature will be available for you.

  • Now, open a chat, group chat or channel
  • Then, look for the translate bar at the top of the page
  • Tap on it, and choose the language to translate the entire chat, group or channel

Do note, that this feature will translate all the messages in that particular chat, group or channel.
How this feature works
The real-time translate feature is available for Premium users and users are supposed to choose a language in which they want to translate. Tapping on the Translate bar at the top translates the entire chat. Also, there’s a Show original option at the top that let users revert to the original language.

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