Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

It was 1996 when Bill Gates said, “Content is King”. Little did anyone imagine how true a statement it would become for the generations to come. While the concept of content creation is nothing new, the amount of content created has increased drastically over the last few years. Content is generated across different fields and platforms, in multiple languages, for people to consume globally. From lifestyle, current affairs, news, politics, sports, entertainment, science and technology, gaming, and now to the metaverse – each domain has its own thought process that goes into creating content.
The rise of the internet and increased broadband access has not only fuelled this rapid creation of content but also led to the mushrooming of numerous platforms through which it can be distributed in a quick, optimal, and efficient manner. Creating content begins with a great idea or a seed of thought and the journey it takes from idea to realization includes a whole armoury of software, hardware, services, and of course, the important human touch. It is estimated that India has more than 8 crore (80 million) creators1 that include content creators, video streamers, influencers, bloggers, creators on OTT platforms, physical product creators, and essentially anyone building a community around their niche.
With expanding free platforms and businesses engaging content creators, there are huge profits to be made both by big business companies themselves as well as by professional creators. No wonder we keep reading about the increasing size of content creators’ economy which is estimated to be worth over $104.2 billion.2
Meanwhile, in this ever-growing cosmos of content creation, every creator is concerned about how their creative process work is managed and stored in a secure manner. Thus, the need for solutions that help transfer, edit, and save their content effortlessly. While one may want to click the fast-disappearing sunlight silhouette, add that one line of instant inspiration into a vlog or store the varied format of content created, creators need solutions that allow them to push boundaries to create the extraordinary and imagine the impossible.
Content creators are constantly on the lookout for the latest in cutting-edge technology to manage the entire workflow of their invaluable creations. Given the time and energy they spend on creating original material, they need to be able to easily manage their content and the last thing they would want to have to worry about is losing their work. Robust and dynamic technical solutions are presently available, for example from SanDisk® Professional- a brand that is specially designed for content creators to help them create the incredible- that can effectively and efficiently manage their content at every step of the content creation.
Nowadays, content creation and curation are more about being in the thick of what one intends to capture and convey to the world. The handheld, whether a smartphone or a movie camera, dives into the action to capture the exhilarating visuals of wildlife or recording the exuberant chants of a full crowd in a stadium. Creators need high performance, easy-to-carry rugged solutions delivering breathtakingly fast results that give wings to creativity and ease the workflow process anytime, anywhere.
By Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director, Marketing, India, Middle East, and TIA, Western Digital

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