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US-based audio device maker Sonos announced its first quarter earnings call recently. During the call, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence discussed the company’s financial performance, sales momentum and upcoming product roadmap. Apart from this, according to a report in The Verge, Spence also made fun of tech giants Apple, Amazon and Google for not being able to pose serious competition to the company during the crucial holiday season.
What Sonos CEO said
“We’ve gone through fiscal Q1, which is the height of the consumer electronics and audio season and, you know, it was… we’ve seen some of the traditional players go heavy discounting and, kind of like a traditional playbook for C.E. that, you know, we’ve always fought against and don’t really believe in,” Spence said. “And then, you know, the big tech players, we just haven’t seen them active and we haven’t seen them, you know, doing anything interesting,” he added.
How these big tech companies used their holiday quarter
Spence explained: “We never want to get overconfident in these things, but you know, even seeing what’s emerged, you know, recently, from Apple, I could not be more excited or confident about the product roadmap we have and our ability to take more and more of that $96 billion [global audio market].”
Spence claimed that others are “probably questioning their investments in this area.”. He also mentioned that Sonos is investing in “four new categories” and assured that the company will also “raise the bar” in its existing categories.

Sonos’ product roadmap for 2023
The report states that Sonos is expected to release a product in the “first of those new categories” in 2023. The company is likely to update its premium home audio lineup with new devices. This will include the rumoured Era 300 and the Era 100 speakers.
The upcoming speakers are designed to demonstrate Dolby Atmos and spatial audio. The report claims that the company is also developing a second-gen Sonos Move portable speaker.

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