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Twitter will get a new CEO in six weeks. Twitter owner Elon Musk announced recently that Linda Yaccarino will take the top job. Yaccarino too has officially confirmed that she is taking over as CEO of the microblogging platform. Yaccarino, chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, said that she has been inspired by owner Musk’s vision to create a brighter future.
Yaccarino posted two tweets in which she said that she was excited to help to transform the social media platform “and build Twitter 2.0 together!”
“I’ve long been inspired by [Musk’s] vision to create a brighter future. I’m excited to help bring this vision to Twitter and transform this business together!” Yaccarino tweeted in first tweet.
“I see I have some new followers. I’m not as prolific as @elonmusk (yet!), but I’m just as committed to the future of this platform. Your feedback is VITAL to that future. I’m here for all of it. Let’s keep the conversation going and build Twitter 2.0 together!” Yaccarino said in the following tweet.
Yaccarino’s tweet quotes Musk’s tweet where he has welcomed her as the new CEO of Twitter. “”Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks! My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops,” said Musk.
Yaccarino is considered as one of the most powerful women in the media industry. She was promoted to chairman of global advertising and partnerships in 2016 at NBCUniversal. Under her leadership, NBCUniversal’s advertising business reportedly grew significantly.
Tough task ahead
When Musk announced her appointment, he said that the new CEO “will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design & new technology.” He added that he is “looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app.”
On his role going forward, Musk said that his “role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops.”
Another big task ahead of Yaccarino is to reverse the fall in Twitter’s ad revenue. Since Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022, some big advertisers have left the platform.
Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla, said that bringing Yaccarino on as Twitter’s new chief will help him devote more time to the electric-vehicle making company.

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