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Nothing comes closer to watching a cricket match live. However, this is something not always possible considering the busy schedule people usually have. This is where the third-party apps and service comes in that provide live scores on the phone. Google also offers something similar to this, except it does not require users to download any app.
The feature is called Pin tracking and this allows users to pin live scores on the homescreen on Android devices. With the feature, the score gets pinned on the homescreen like a bubble similar to Facebook’s chat bubble.
The good thing about it is that it also appears over the top of other apps. This means, users won’t always have to navigate to the home screen to check the live scores.
What you’ll need for this
Latest version of Google appWorking internet connectivity
Steps to pin live cricket score on home screen

  • Open Google app on your smartphone
  • Tap on the search box and type sports or IPL cricket scores
  • It will open cricket score widgets as the search result
  • Tap on the match you are interested in and look for Pin to home screen option
  • Tap on it to pin the score bubble on the home screen

Things you can do with score bubble
The score bubble provides real-time score updates on the home screen. Tapping on it expands the widget to show more details related to the particular match.
Follow upcoming matches to receive notifications
On Google Sports page, you can search for all the IPL matches and follow an upcoming match beforehand to receive important notifications, score alters and more.

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