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OnePlus partnered with Hasselblad in 2021 in order to offer a good camera experience to its users. Over the years the Chinese smartphone maker has worked to improve the camera quality on its flagship smartphones. For a long time the company has been working to improve the zoom camera on its smartphones. Last year it was reported that OnePlus may include a periscope camera on the OnePlus 11, but that did not happen. However, now a new report has surfaced online suggesting the inclusion of a periscope camera on the upcoming OnePlus 12 smartphone.
As reported by Digital Chat Station, OnePlus is working on including a periscope camera in its next flagship smartphone. For the uninitiated, a periscope lens in a smartphone increases the zoom capabilities of the smartphone camera. Pixel phones from Google leverage this method to achieve up to 5x optical zoom, whereas Samsung employs it in their Ultra devices for the 10x telephoto lens. Now it appears that OnePlus may also join this bandwagon.
The report suggests that OnePlus has a ‘periscope arrangement’ in the pipeline and it is also testing the functionality. It is expected that the company may bring this feature with the OnePlus 12 which is said to launch next year.
OnePlus may launch its foldable smartphone in August
At the beginning of this year, OnePlus announced that it would introduce its inaugural foldable smartphone during the latter half of 2023. A recent leak regarding this upcoming device has emerged online, disclosing a potential release timeline. According to reputable tipster Max Jambor, OnePlus may unveil its first foldable smartphone in August of this year. However, aside from this, the tipster has not disclosed any additional details regarding this forthcoming OnePlus smartphone.

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