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Intel co-founder Gordon Moore passed away at the age of 94. Semiconductor industry pioneer, Moore co-founded the company in 1968. He is the man who gets the highest credit of essentially putting Intel processors in about 80% of the world’s personal computers.
In an article in 1965, Moore predicted that with improvements in technology, the number of transistors on microchips had roughly doubled every year since integrated circuits were invented a few years before.

This prediction became “Moore’s Law”, helping the company focus their research and development resources in this direction.
“Integrated circuits will lead to such wonders as home computers – or at least terminals connected to a central computer – automatic controls for automobiles, and personal portable communications equipment,” Moore wrote in his paper, cited by news agency Reuters.
Chips have now become more efficient and less expensive – something that has helped drive the world’s technological progress bringing fortunes for companies like Apple, Facebook and Google.

‘Debt of gratitude’: Tim Cook
The world lost a giant in Gordon Moore, who was one of Silicon Valley’s founding fathers and a true visionary who helped pave the way for the technological revolution. All of us who followed owe him a debt of gratitude. May he rest in peace.
-Apple CEO Tim Cook

His vision inspired many: Sundar Pichai
RIP Gordon Moore. His vision inspired so many of us to pursue technology, was an inspiration to me. Thoughts with his family and everyone at Intel.
– Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai

His legacy changed lives: Pat Gelsinger
Gordon Moore once said, “What can be done, can be outdone.” As stewards of his law, Intel will work relentlessly to exponentially outdo what he & Robert Noyce set out to do. He leaves behind a legacy that changed the lives of every person on the planet. His memory will live on.
– Intel CEO Patrick Paul Gelsinger

In 2023, Forbes magazine estimated Moore’s net worth at $7.2 billion.

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