Wed. May 31st, 2023

Microsoft has been hyper-aggressive in integrating artificial intelligence into a host of its products and services. Ever since the AI boom kicked off, there has been a lot of talk about using AI responsibly. Brad Smith, president, Microsoft has laid out five broad principles that governments and authorities should follow to regulate AI. “As technology moves forward, it’s just as important to ensure proper control over AI as it is to pursue its benefits. We are committed and determined as a company to develop and deploy AI in a safe and responsible way,” said Smith in a blog post.
What are the five principles?
Smith explained how companies, governments can learn from each other. “We can all learn from each other. And no matter how good we may think something is today, we will all need to keep getting better,” he said in the blog post. Here are the principles that Microsoft wants governments to consider:

  • Implement and build upon new government-led AI safety frameworks
  • Require safety brakes for AI systems that control critical infrastructure
  • Develop a broader legal and regulatory framework based on the technology architecture for AI
  • Promote transparency and ensure academic and public access to AI
  • Pursue new public-private partnerships to use AI as an effective tool to address the inevitable societal challenges that come with new technology

He also said that Microsoft as an organisation is governing AI within the company as well. “When it comes to AI governance, some of our most important learning has come from the detailed work required to review specific sensitive AI use cases,” he said. He also said that in the past six years, Microsoft has built a more compressive AI governance structure and systems across the company. “We didn’t start from scratch, borrowing instead from best practices for the protection of cybersecurity, privacy, and digital safety,” he added.

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