Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The cloud lending platform, Lentra has announced its new collaboration with Google. As part of this association, the company will launch its modern SaaS Loan Management System namely, 1LMS on the Google Cloud.
What is 1LMS (Loan Management System)
1LMS is built on modern cloud rails and utilizes micro-systems architecture wherein all features and functionalities like KYC, Collateral, etc. are Microsystems. This provides a much-desired agile system vs. the current monolithic architecture where launching new products becomes a tedious process for financial institutions.
1LMS has been designed to solve big challenges and needs from the lenders like same loan management system catering to EMI and non-EMI products, ability to scale, no downtime during the end of the day and end of the Month. While designing 1LMS special focus has been paid to the operations staff who at times have to toggle multiple screens to get the requisite information. 1LMS uses a very innovative 1 Screen philosophy to ensure that all the information with regards to a borrower is in one single screen.
What company said about the new loan management system
Sandeep Mathur, Chief Revenue Officer, Lentra stated, “We at Lentra are striving with the aim to enable lenders to fulfill the demands of millions of their borrowers. 1LMS is a major step in that direction and with our partnership with Google Cloud, we will enable the lending systems for modern institutions and will allow them to quickly launch products, scale, optimize and maximize efficiency. 1LMS being present on Google Cloud enables us to take the solution instantaneously to our global markets.”

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