Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

A small group of iPhone users are facing issues with the iCloud backup after updating to the latest iOS 16.3 update. There are several complaints from users reporting problems with syncing Photos and backup on iCloud after updating to iOS 16.3.
As per the posts on Apple’s support forum and Reddit, the users are facing troubles with iCloud, especially on their iPhones, after updating the recently-released iOS 16.3. The users note that after updating their iPhones, they see a prompt that reads, “An unexpected error occured. Please try again later,” when they try to enable iCloud Drive, iCloud backup, and other options.
Reports also suggest that users did not turn off these options, and they were disabled on their own after the update.
Two-factor authentication to be blamed
It is being suggested that the issue is with the two-factor authentication, which is not enabled for most of these users. A number of responses in the thread suggest that enabling two-factor authentications for the Apple ID seems to fix the issue.
However, there are threads where users have reported facing the issue even with the two-factor authentication enabled. So, it is tough to know what is to blame for the issue with iCloud backups.
Some users claim that they have contacted Apple, but the company has not publicly commented on the issue. There is no fix available currently.
As per iCloud Data Security Overview, which was published with the release of IOS 16.3, the new Apple ID requires two-factor authentication enabled, which is a requisite for iCloud features, including end-to-end encryption.
iOS 16.3 was released a few weeks ago for the iPhone SE (second-gen) and later. The software update brought Advanced Data Protection to all iPhones globally, added support for security keys and Black Unity wallpaper, and more.

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