Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

BHUBANESWAR: Experts emphasized on the importance of early cancer screening and detection to combat the disease at the incipient stage. Speaking at an event organized by IGKC Multispecialty Hospital at Ghatikia in Kalinga Nagar area of Bhubaneswar, medical oncologist Susant Paikaray spoke on the importance of awareness about early signs and stressed on the latest medical interventions for cancer.
The IGKC organized a marathon to spread awareness about the beliefs and notions associated with cancer. Actor and former MLA Akash Das Nayak and hospital’s managing director Prakash Chandra Dalai among others took part. The hospital also arranged an open discussion on ‘Cancer: Close the Care Gap’ wherein people interacted with doctors and nurses to clear their doubts on various aspects of cancer.

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