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VISAKHAPATNAM: Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam is now looking towards internationalisation by expanding its global footprint and fostering relations with premier business schools abroad. Apart from enhancing the international profile of the institution, this new evolutionary path of IIM Vizag is expected to improve institutional competitiveness on par with its global peers.
According to the IIMV officials, this will consequently further the quality of research and academics as well as help in providing most relevant education and experiential learning to the students.
IIM Visakhapatnam for the first conducted its two-day alumni meet, namely Sanshrey, at its permanent campus in Gambheeram on February 11 and 12. Hundreds of alumni, settled in various parts of the country, flew in for the two day event with an air of nostalgia. Apart from the alumni talks, students and alumni participated in various cultural programmes on Saturday and Sunday.
Speaking to ToI on the sidelines of the event, IIM Vizag Director Prof M Chandrasekhar said that the IIM Act encourages the Institute to collaborate with institutions abroad. “Accordingly, the Institute is in the process of engagement with reputed business schools abroad. Broadly, the collaborative endeavours under consideration are joint teaching of credit courses, joint executive education programmes, student and faculty exchanges, joint research, conferences and doctoral colloquia, etc.” said Prof Chandrasekhar.

Two-day alumni meet held with grandeur

Two-day alumni meet held with grandeur
The IIM Vizag Director added that the institute recently tied up with the National Institute of Business Management, Sri Lanka to offer a programme for women entrepreneurs. “IIMV is offering joint course-teaching along with Ted Rogers School of Management, Canada. Our faculty co-taught a course along with Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. IIMV is in talks for a collaboration with Nottingham University Business School, Malaysia in the area of ‘neuro-marketing analytics.’ IIMV hosted a joint conference on ‘World Continuous Auditing Standards and Reporting’ with Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University, USA. Similar initiatives are in the pipeline with various other reputed international business schools,” said Prof Chandrasekhar.
Chairperson, career development services and alumni relations, IIM-Vizag, Prof Deepika Gupta, said that the institute is planning to set up an alumni association. “Modalities are being worked out for this. IIMV is also planning to institute a young alumni achiever award, which may be given from the next alumni meeting. It is all about how the institute and the alumni support each other and make a positive impact,” said Prof Deepika Gupta.
“We reaped the fruits of highly subsidised public education. It is time for the alumni to think how they can bring the same subsidised education for the present generation,” said Prof Shivshanker Singh Patel, coordinator (academics and research) at IIM Vizag.
* IIMV worked out a training program for the women entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka in collaboration with National Institute of Business Management, Government of Sri Lanka
* IIMV signed an MoU with Northern Illinois University, USA.
* Joint course-teaching happening with Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada.
* Collaborative programs are being worked out with Cameron School of Business, University of North Carolina Wilmington
* IIMV faculty co-taught a course at the Centre for Business Data Analytics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
* IIMV is likely to collaborate with Nottingham University Business School, Malaysia on neuro-marketing analytics.
* Collaborative programmes are being worked out with Love Business School, Elon University, NC, USA.
* Collaboration in teaching and research in the marketing area is being worked out with Farmer Business School, Miami University.
* One of IIMV’s PhD students is on a fully paid two-month internship to Tandon School of Engineering, New York University

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