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Google has been trying to push the gaming limits of ChromeOS as a part of its announcement made last year. The company also launched some gaming-focused Chromebooks to cater to users’ gaming needs with ChromeOS-powered devices. Despite all these efforts, the Chromebooks were merely limited to cloud gaming only due to the lack of a dedicated graphics card.
Google is bringing Nvidia to ChromeOS
9to5Google has reported that Google is addressing that limitation by adding dedicated graphics card support to ChromeOS and making it possible for OEMs to include a dedicated graphics card in the Chromebook. Google has already worked with Steam to bring Steam support for ChromeOS via a virtual machine. Now, if Google brings support for Nvidia graphics to Chromebooks, it will also need to ensure that Steam gets complete support of the graphics card for better performance.
As per the report, the company has started testing an internal prototype with 12th-generation Intel processors with Nvidia RTX 3050 graphics. The company was earlier working on hardware called Draco and Agah. As per a new report, the company has now shifted the focus to Hades which is also supposed to be a real-world machine, unlike Draco and Agah which were mainly prototype devices.
Hades machines will be powered by 13th-generation processors with Nvidia RTX 4050 graphics. Now, the company hasn’t yet announced any specific model based on this configuration and it hasn’t yet revealed any performance details one should expect from these machines.
However, looking at the configuration, we expect that the Hades Chromebooks will offer medium-level graphics performance. The devices are also expected to feature DDR5 RAM.
Despite all these efforts, the actual goal behind these Chromebooks is unclear as ChromeOS, as a platform does not have many native games. Steam also runs on virtual machines and while it supports all the technologies of Steam Deck, only time will tell how good or bad these Chromebooks will be in terms of gaming performance.

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