Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Google has introduced the alpha version of Credential Manager, a new Jetpack API that allows app developers to simplify their users’ authentication journey. The company claims that the version of Credential Manager will improve security with the support of passkeys.
The company reveals that the Credential Manager supports multiple sign-in methods, such as username/password, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions (e.g., Sign-in with Google) in a single API, thus simplifying the integration for developers. Along with this, the Credential Manager also unifies the sign-in interface across authentication methods, making it clearer and easier for users to sign in to apps.
“Bringing together sign-in solutions and passkeys with Android’s new Credential Manager. This provides a seamless sign-in experience, freeing your users from having to remember usernames or passwords,” said the company.

What does a Credential Manager do?
Credential Manager allows users to create passkeys and store them in Google Password Manager. Their passkeys will sync across all of their devices that are signed in to the same Google Account, allowing users to seamlessly sign in to apps that support passkeys across these devices.
Google revealed that it is planning to roll out Credential Manager support for third-party password managers. The tech giant reveals that if you are a developer you can improve the sign-in experience in your app with the help of Credential Manager.
Benefits of Credential Manager
Credential Manager aggregates all available sign-in methods for the app into one list, while deduplicating entries for the same account. This simplification allows users to focus on selecting the account without needing to understand the underlying sign-in technology.

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