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Artificial intelligence (AI) dominated the narrative at Google I/O. The company announced that it would be bringing generative AI capabilities to its products, including Search and Gmail. Now, a report has claimed that the tech giant has given a go-ahead to the use of AI technology in advertising as well as ad-supported consumer services, such as YouTube.
Citing internal documents, CNBC reported that apart from search (Google Search), email (Gmail) and spreadsheets (Google Sheets), Google wants to use generative AI offerings to increase spending to boost revenue and improve margins.
AI-powered customer support
It also said that the plans for using generative AI, fueled by large language models (LLMs), to automate advertising and ad-supported consumer services have also been given a green light.

The documents suggest that Google may also bring AI-powered customer support across more than 100 Google products, including Google Play Store, Gmail, Android Search and Maps.
These automated support chatbots could be aimed at providing “specific answers through simple, clear sentences and allow for follow-up questions to be asked before suggesting an advertising plan” to a potential customer.
Google, along with companies like Facebook parent Meta and Twitter, which generate a sizable chunk of their revenue from advertising, has been hit with the economic uncertainties. The CNBC report also said that Google’s paid search advertising conversion rates have decreased this year.
Google AI for YouTube content creation
Furthermore, Google is also planning to use PaLM 2-powered tools to allow advertisers to generate their own media assets and to suggest videos for YouTube creators to make. PaLM 2 is Google’s latest LLM unveiled at the company’s biggest event of 2023.

Google has reportedly been testing PaLM 2 for YouTube youth content for things like titles, and descriptions. For creators, the technology is being used to experiment with the idea of providing five video ideas based on topics that appear relevant.
Google taking the AI road
Earlier this year, Alphabet and Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said that the company is continuing to invest in search capabilities, including in the use of artificial intelligence.
“As we continue to bring AI to our products, our AI principles and the highest tenets of information integrity remain at the core of all our work,” Pichai said.

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