Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Google is testing a new homepage design for its file-storing platform Drive on its web version. This format will automatically “surface your most relevant files and folders.” Currently, when users open the homepage of Google Drive, they can see the “My Drive” list (or grid) of documents. These files are placed according to the traditional file system. But, this homepage design that Google is testing has a “Home” page that appears before My Drive in the sidebar.

Google Drive homepage: Availability
The tweet mentions that Google is currently testing this “new homepage in Drive with a group of users.” Users will be allowed to go back to the “My Drive” format if they don’t like the design.
Meanwhile, Workspace users already have access to the “Priority” view. The company hopes this format will help users find what they need faster. We at TOI-GagdetsNow checked Drive on multiple accounts but couldn’t see the homepage format.
Google Drive homepage: How it will work
As per the tweet, this homepage design for Google Drive will show two new feeds. The “Suggested” feed will also include the “Reason suggested” column. The initial one will offer documents in Google Drive that might be relevant to the user, while the latter one will explain why that file has been recommended.

Suggested files and folders are expected to include the ones that the user has recently opened, uploaded, or edited. Google will also note the location and the time/date of the file. Drive’s latest homepage will also provide users with other filters to switch between suggested Files and Folders at the top.
The second feed named “Activity” is expected to show users recent files/folders with “Access requests” or “Recent comments.” In such cases, inline actions will help users quickly grant access.

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