Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot to open the incognito tab on Chrome while browsing and then wanted to delete the history as soon as you are done visiting a particular website? Well, the previous version of Chrome allowed users only to delete the history and cache from the Settings page and that too only the history starting from an hour.
However, it looks like Google is planning to make it easier for Android users. Chrome Story has discovered a new flag tool within the Android version of Chrome that suggests the new delete browsing history feature.
Google is reportedly working on a new Chrome feature that’ll allow users to easily delete the browsing history of the last 15 minutes. Chrome Story has discovered that Chrome has received a new flag setting that suggests the new ‘delete browsing history’ feature in development.
According to the report, the feature will be a part of the overflow menu under the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the browser. The report also mentions that they aren’t sure about the browsing data actually being deleted from Chrome or if it is simply omitting the browser history from the URL and search fields.
As of now, it isn’t clear whether Google is actually planning to bring this feature to the stable version of the browser. But, we can expect to see the feature in the next versions of Chrome. Also, a similar feature is also expected to arrive on Chrome for iOS. However, it would come as a great addition for users and also improve the overall privacy of the web browser.
Google already allows users to delete the search history easily right from the drop-down suggestions options by tapping on the ‘x’ button in front of them. Bringing a similar feature on Chrome will put users more in control of their data.

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