Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Seems some Google employees are upset with the way the company announced its ChatGPT rival Bard. According to a report in CNBC, some Google employees are criticizing leadership, most notably CEO Sundar Pichai, for the way the company handled the recent announcement of its ChatGPT competitor called Bard. These employees took to the popular internal forum Memegen to express their thoughts on the Bard announcement. Some calling it as “rushed,” “botched” and “un-Googley,”.
Messages float on internal message forum
“Dear Sundar, the Bard launch and the layoffs were rushed, botched, and myopic,” reportedly reads one meme that included a serious picture of Pichai. “Please return to taking a long-term outlook.” “Sundar, and leadership, deserve a Perf NI,” read another post, refering to the company’s employee performance review system. “They are being comically short sighted and un-Googlely in their pursuit of ‘sharpening focus,’goes another post.
Some messages also referred to the 12000 job cuts annouced by the company in January this year. The meme featured a photo of actor Nicolas Cage smiling and said “Firing 12k people rises the stock by 3%, one rushed AI presentation drops it by 8%.” Another showed an image of a dumpster fire with the Google “G” logo on it. The text said, “How everything’s felt since last year.”
Earlier this week, Google announced “Bard” to compete with ChatGPT in the large language models (LLMs) space. CEO Pichai made the announcement via blog post. Bard is an “experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA” — Language Model for Dialogue Applications that notably “draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses” instead of having its training data capped to a certain year.
Google has rolled out Bard for “trusted external testers”. Wider, public availability will be in the “coming weeks.”

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