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In 2022, Apple prevented more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions within the App Store. Almost 1.7 million app submissions did not meet App Store‘s privacy and security standards last year, leading to their rejection.
In the previous year, it took action against fraudulent activities and abuse by closing down 428,000 developer accounts and 282 million customer accounts. Additionally, it prevented 105 million suspicious developer enrollments and stopped 57,000 unauthorised marketplace apps that posed a safety risk.
In the release, Apple emphasises that its security measures, such as the App Store review process, played a key role in preventing fraudulent transactions.
The company notes that last year it “protected users from nearly 57,000 untrustworthy apps from illegitimate storefronts, which do not have the same built-in privacy and security protections as the App Store.” Apple notes that “unauthorised marketplaces distribute harmful software that can imitate popular apps or alter them without the consent of their developers.”
EU requires Apple to enable sideloading on iPhones
The numbers come amid the rumours that Apple may soon allow third-party app stores on its devices due to pressure from the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. This will give developers and users more choices in app distribution, but Apple has concerns about security risks associated with sideloading. The issue of sideloading and App Store fees has been a topic of dispute with Epic and U.S. lawmakers.
Apple checks app compliance and security during development and after upload to App Store Connect. Over 100,000 app submissions are evaluated, with 90% reviewed within 24 hours. In 2022, 400,000 apps were rejected for privacy violations and 29,000 for hidden features. Bait-and-switch apps were blocked or removed. Apple rejects spam, copycats, misleading, and apps that access personal data without consent.
The company emphasised the security of its payment technologies, including StoreKit and Apple Pay, which helped it prevent around 3.9 million stolen credit cards from being used for fraudulent purchases. Additionally, it prohibited 714,000 accounts from making transactions again.
Apple terminated over 428,000 developer accounts and prevented the creation of 198 million fraudulent new accounts. The company also disabled over 282 million customer accounts linked to fraudulent behaviour.
While Apple does not mention third-party app stores, it says that the company will keep the App Store a safe and trusted place for users and developers.

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