Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Google recently launched Android 14 first developer preview (DP1) with focus on foldables and tablets. The next iteration of Android OS is also said to bring more security and privacy features. In the latest update, Android 14 is also said to come with new settings that will set all regional preferences for seamless setting up of apps.
What’s new in Android 14
As per a report by Android Police, there is a hidden system settings page in the Android 14 DP1 named “Regional Preferences” that will allow users to set all regional preferences enabling users to skip the need to hop into every application’s settings menu.
The settings will set up system-wide preferences for temperature units, calendar format, the first day of the week and number system automatically. This means that applications won’t have to ask for or make assumptions about users’ preferences.

Android 14 security, privacy features
Android 14 will also enhance an Android phone’s security by limiting permissions of apps by enforcing stricter API requirements.
In the new OS, apps will have to declare in detail how their apps plan to use certain phone features. Furthermore, this data exchange between the apps will be limited, and additional files downloaded by apps to carry out functions will be read-only.
This means that the malicious codes injected into additional files that are executed when the download is complete will be avoided because hackers won’t be able to execute malicious codes in read-only files.

Additionally, Android 14 will also block the installation of malicious apps that target older API levels to abuse sensitive permissions. “Malware often targets older API levels to bypass security and privacy protections that have been introduced in newer Android versions,” Google said.
Android 14 will also limit the sending of “intents” – a message that is sent by one app to request any action from another app component. Only those “intents” that have a specified recipient will be allowed.

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